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May 2, 2017
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Brain-Based Chiropractic Symposium Coming to Oakland CA July 14-16, 2017!

Hey everyone – I just wanted to take a second to fill you in on a few things coming up on the horizon. Listen in to hear all about our upcoming schedule.

CHIROPRACTORS and CHIROPRACTIC STUDENTS: if you’re struggling with your certainty or just looking to take your chiropractic game to the next level, join us in Oakland at The Source Chiropractic from July 14th-16th for our first-ever Brain-Based Chiropractic Symposium featuring Dr Richard Barwell of NeuroInfiniti, MC2 with Dr Steve Hoffman and Tonal Pediatrics with yours truly. This event is not to be missed if you’re a principled chiropractor. We’re going deep into the philosophy, art and science of an evolving chiropractic paradigm and you’ll leave with the certainty and the skills to deliver the goods when you get back to your offices. Register @ before prices go up on June 10th.

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