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March 20, 2017
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May 2, 2017
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KC 15: SEASON FINALE | Honoring The Birth Process With Dr Stephanie Libs

HOLY MOLY! 15 episodes deep and the KiddoCast is already being recognized as the gold standard in online content for chiropractic parents. We’re now sending thousands of empowering messages about chiropractic care for children and families out into the ether every week and for that I’m so grateful.

Bringing Season 1 to a close with me this week is Dr Stephanie Libs. I can’t think of a better doctor to bookend our first season. This week, Dr Steph and I open the show talking about what chiropractic does when the whole family is under care. We then have a very candid conversation about Steph’s recent pregnancy, a prior miscarriage and how she found solace in the “chiropractic worldview” to help her make the right decisions for her, her baby and her family.

Biography: Stephanie started as a chiropractic patient at age 12.  She suffered low back pain and headaches almost weekly.  It wasn’t until early adulthood, working as an assistant in a chiropractic office, that she observed miracles on a daily basis.  After receiving regular chiropractic care her symptoms subsided.  This inspired Stephanie to pursue her passion by helping people through chiropractic care.  She moved from her native San Diego to the San Francisco Bay Area to begin a post-graduate program at Life Chiropractic College West.

She quickly became involved, serving on several mission trips internationally and locally to provide free chiropractic care to thousands of families in need.  Stephanie’s academic accolades include Student of the Year 2012, Intern of the Quarter, Intern of the Month and Clinical Honors.  A love for Southern California prompted her to return to San Diego where she joined Libs Chiropractic Center in Pacific Beach.  After two years her practice expanded due to the high number of referrals from other patients and she moved into a larger office to open the Cafe of Life San Diego in the heart of Pacific Beach.  Her focus is pediatric, pregnancy and family care, and her philosophy is to honor the intelligence within each of us and to create a greater connection within the body, the community and the world.

You can find Dr Steph on the web @ Cafe Of Life San Diego.

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