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KC 10: How To Choose The Right Chiropractor For Your Children With Dr Denisa Weber

The KiddoCast for Chiropractic Families

Episode 10: Dr Denisa Weber – 

Apologies for the late upload this week. I’ve been traveling for Practice Evolution PRIME and has been busily working to catch up. Notwithstanding, this episode was one of my favorites to record and I’m excited to release it. In today’s episode Dr Denisa and I have a candid discussion about what a pediatric-focused chiropractic practice looks like and the questions every parent should have answered when selecting a chiropractor for their children.


Biography: Dr. Denisa Weber, a Texas A&M University and Parker graduate, runs her referral based practice, Serving Life Chiropractic, in the heart of Dallas, TX. She operates her vitalistic family practice with an emphasis on prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care, and has been recognized as a “Mom-Approved Chiropractor” by Dallas Child Magazine five years in a row. Her referral base comes primarily from maternity and pediatric offices who have seen the impact chiropractic care makes in the early stages of life. While only being in practice for six years, she has built a successful 100% cash-based practice while juggling mommy-hood and being a football coach’s wife. She has served as a mentor for many chiropractic students locally; helping them apply the chiropractic principles in life and in practice, as well as teaching them how to clearly communicate the vitalistic message of chiropractic. Inspiring and original, Dr. Denisa is a sought after speaker on the importance of chiropractic care for growing families in the Dallas area. Her mission is to inspire her community to be led from withIN in health and in life.

If you’re looking for THE pediatric and family chiropractor in Dallas, look no further than Dr Weber.

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