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January 9, 2017
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January 23, 2017
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Episode 6 | Dr Matt Doyle

The KiddoCast for Chiropractic Families

Episode 6: Dr Matt Doyle – 

In today’s episode Dr Matt and I chat about caring for children and families in countries other than the US, particularly in Australia. We delve into what the healthcare climate is like down under, what the most current and best-quality research says about chiropractic care for children and what we believe the future will bring for childrens’ chiropractic care worldwide.

Biography: Dr Matt Doyle is on a mission to facilitate a shift in global health consciousness. To create this he’s taken leadership roles as a student and as a chiropractor. As a student his longterm involvement in the World Congress of Chiropractic Students helped it evolve to an organization of means and credibility, with an ability to take action and have it’s voice heard. As a practitioner, he’s served communities in the UK and Australia, and now runs his vibrant family practice with his wife in his hometown. He has sat on chiropractic boards, taught at two chiropractic colleges (particularly focusing on kids and pregnancy care), has run continuing education programs internationally, presented in numerous conferences around the world, and has published in the peer reviewed literature on the safety of adjusting children. He loves being Dad to his 2 year old and bringing him up though a healthy vitalistic lifestyle.

You can check out Dr Matt’s office and find out more about him HERE.

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