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December 16, 2016
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December 26, 2016
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Episode 2 | Dr Ogi Ressel

The KiddoCast for Chiropractic Families

Episode 2: Dr Ogi Ressel – 

Dr. Ogi is a Practice Coach, a researcher and clinician; he has published five original research papers. He is also an international lecturer, a pediatric and x-ray specialist, a husband, and a father to three wonderful, unvaccinated, unsubluxated, well-adjusted kids. He is also a prolific writer and his book, “Kids-First: Health with No Interference. How to Raise a Healthy Child Outside the Medical Model” has been a big hit with parents in Canada, the U.S., and overseas, and has just been re-released.

It was Dr. Ogi and Dr. Larry Webster who started the whole pediatric awareness movement on the planet – when it comes to kids, he has no equal. He has twice been nominated for the Canadian “Chiropractor-of-the-Year” Award, and has designed the Cervical and Lumbar Degeneration charts many doctors have hanging in their offices.

He lives with his loving wife, Leslee, in Burlington, Ontario, close to Niagara Falls and amidst some 50 wineries.

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