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November 11, 2016
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“I Don’t Believe in Chiropractic” That’s OK, I’d Rather You Understand It

In my practice, I encounter a fair amount of scrutiny and pessimism. There are a multitude of reasons for this but a common refrain amongst the new patients I see and care for is misunderstanding. Misunderstanding drives fear that prevents families from experiencing the truly life-altering effects of a subluxation-free spine and fuels their ever-growing dependence on drugs to “feel normal.” In this month’s contribution to the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association’s Discover Chiropractic, Dr Stamatis V. Tsamoutalidis elucidates a common, core misunderstanding amongst apprehensive moms, dads and kiddos that prevents them being checked by their family local chiropractor. I hope his words resonate with you and removes any barriers that will prevent you from being checked and cared for in our office. – DB

“I Don’t Believe in Chiropractic” That’s OK, I’d Rather You Understand It

ICPA LogoDo you understand chiropractic?

Well let’s find out. Four simple questions will hopefully show you that you do.

Question 1: Do you understand that your brain and nerve system’s responsibility is to control and coordinate all of your bodily functions? If you do, then you are in agreement with every physiology textbook that has been published.

Question 2: Do you understand that your brain sends out information, in the way of chemicals and brain waves or messages, over the nerve system to control and coordinate every physiological function you perform? Again, if you do then you are in agreement with every medical textbook ever written on the subject.

Question 3: Do you ‘believe’ that a disruption of the information over the nerve system causes a state of imbalance and threatens your health? If so, you are in agreement with anyone who has ever studied the Central Nerve System.

Question 4: Do you ‘believe’ that removing any obstruction to nerve function would improve your health and your brain’s ability to control and coordinate all of your bodily functions? If you do then you agree with all the published research on the topic.

If you answered yes to all those questions you understand chiropractic.

A Chiropractor’s goal is to check your spine for vertebral subluxations, which are misaligned spinal bones that are causing interference to the proper function of your nerve system.

In other words, chiropractors re-establish and maintain the connection between your brain and your body in order to maximize the expression of Life in your body. When this occurs, your body functions at its best in everything it does.

While results will vary from person to person, the most common benefits of regular chiropractic care are: more energy; improved health; clearer thinking, concentration, and memory; better ability to handle stress; improved physical performance; better sleep; greater value from exercise and nutritional choices; more balanced body chemistry; increased income earning capacity; improved relationships; better digestion; improved immune function; etc. … basically a greater enjoyment of Life.

So then why do so many people use the “I don’t believe in chiropractic” excuse? Good question. I can only surmise that people don’t understand what chiropractors do so they just default to the “I don’t believe” stance.

In the end, this is quite sad because if explained properly they’ll be able to understand chiropractic. If no one tells them the truth they may never experience the benefits that chiropractic has to offer because of a misunderstanding. All too many people will continue to live with health challenges and use drugs and resort to surgery when that may not even be necessary. It doesn’t have to be that way!

If you already know this information, give this article to someone you care about that may not.

If you received this from friend or a loved one, and you were one of the people that thought you didn’t believe in chiropractic, you owe it to yourself to have a chiropractic evaluation. It’s not hard to do at which point you can make an informed decision about whether you receive chiropractic care or not. You owe it to yourself. Your health and life are too important not to check out chiropractic.


Dr Daniel Bronstein is the clinic director of Beacon Chiropractic in Grover Beach CA and specializes in the chiropractic care of children and pregnant mommas. He is Certified by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics, is Webster Technique Certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and devotes the core of practice to helping children and families live healthy lives.

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