How to Develop Disease
July 21, 2015
October 28, 2015
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Two months ago I started the topic “HOW TO DEVELOP DISEASE” and especially that highly medically abused word ‘SYMPTOMS.’ I say ‘abused’ simply because there is a vast amount of profit to be made from treating symptoms and knowing full-well that by doing so the problem only becomes worse over time. This is the business of health care. So, let’s continue this train of thought…


KiddoI hope you are still with me – I am going to ask you to look at this thinking from a different perspective:

The symptoms that an individual experiences can be likened to an alarm system. Your body possesses its very own alarm system to let you know if it can handle what it is going on inside you and to warn you of an impending danger.

It is similar to having a fire break out in your living room. The alarm system would go off in the house. And, in that instance, you have a choice — either put out the fire, or turn off the alarm system.

Guess what most people do? Do you think they search for the cause of the problem and put out the fire, or do they look for a quick fix and turn off the alarm system — their symptoms? You’re right!
Most try to turn off their symptoms, totally ignoring the reason they are there in the first place.

I would estimate that 98 percent of Earthlings that first come to see me are just thrilled to simply turn off the alarm system, living in happy oblivion until their body finally says at some point “No, you don’t. I have had enough. This is it. I quit.”

Think of this: if your body were to wear out, where would you live?

You see, this is not a good option!

The whole medical/pharmaceutical cartel is making billions of dollars on this type of thinking. As a matter of fact, they propagate and promote this type of reality because it is very profitable. The more symptoms we deal with, the wealthier the drug industry becomes – we are not looking after the problem, which means things will fail down the road and get worse. When this occurs, we will be dependent on drugs to sustain what is left of life.

That is our health care system in North America.

By now, you are either agreeing with me or you are convinced that I’m insane – there is little middle ground!

I’m going to continue our discussion in the next issue. Stay with me!


Dr Daniel Bronstein is the clinic director of Beacon Chiropractic in Grover Beach CA and specializes in the chiropractic care of children and pregnant mommas. He is Webster Technique Certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and devotes the core of practice to helping children and families live healthy lives.

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