What can Chiropractic do for you?

Jennifer L.

Just like many other people in our community, I was skeptical  about going to a chiropractor. For many years I assumed that chiropractic care was for those who had major back pain or some kind of spinal issue. It wasn't until I heard Dr. Bronstein speak at one of his talks, that made me realize he could really help me with my neck and shoulder pain that I've dealt with for so long. More importantly, I was thinking about my husband and all the back pain he was enduring at work and at home. There were days his back was hurting more than others. He would tell me he felt like an old man with a hurt back at 30 years of age. There were times that he couldn't even lift one of our children let alone hold them for more than a couple minutes at a time. That really broke my heart and put a fire inside me to seek help and get this issue resolved. 

Dr. Bronstein specializes care in children but has helped our whole family. After a few months of care, my husband felt young again, energized and pain free! It was awesome to see his attitude change in such a short amount of time. With continued care, he is feeling his age again and doing so much better at work. I can say that I too feel so much better. The excessive shoulder pain I had is gone and my back is much straighter and I can walk with confidence and higher self esteem than I did before. Chiropractic care is so much more than correcting a curved spine. It corrects your whole nervous system which affects how your whole body works. I also wasn't aware that children sometimes need care too. Being so young you wouldn't think they would need adjustments. The health of my kids has improved too with Dr. Bronstein's proficient skills. My daughter now has less accidents at night with wetting her bed, which has been a very common issue among children. My son is more balanced now with chiropractic care as well. 

We are so grateful that we came to Beacon Chiropractic for our overall health. Our lives are changed for the better thanks to Dr. Bronstein and his incredible staff that makes you feel like family!

Alexandra K.

I am a first time mom, to a happy and healthy baby girl, that does not get migraines, all thanks to chiropractic care at the Beacon Clinic!

When I went in for my consultation with Dr. Dan Bronstein I had already seen three other chiropractors and was not feeling any relief. I constantly had headaches and full blown migraines even though I lived a healthy lifestyle including working out, eating healthy, and drinking lots of water daily. Additionally my now husband and I had started trying to get pregnant to no avail.

In January 2013 I stopped taking my birth control in hopes of regaining my cycle so that we could get pregnant. After giving myself 1 full year to let my body regulate itself I still was not having a normal cycle.

In December 2013 I decided to meet with Dr. B, at that meeting my life was changed forever. We reviewed my x-rays and he was able to pinpoint AND SHOW ME where my issues were. After a couple of months of treatment my migraines had subsided and I was feeling great on a daily basis. Life got even better in March 2014 when I got pregnant! One thing changed between January 2013 and March 2014, I started receiving chiropractic care from the right chiropractor for me!

My daughter was born in November 2014 and she too receives chiropractic care. When she has been irritable and unhappy, which is VERY uncommon for her, she needed an adjustment. When she was constipated for days, an adjustment made her have a bowel movement while still laying on the table. When she wasn't latching properly and I was in pain because of it, an adjustment immediately helped. Chiropractic care has been a true blessing in my family's life and I cannot imagine how we would get around without it!

Erica N.

We can confidently say that Dr. Bronstein has changed our lives. As a busy mom and expecting a second set of twins, I was in a lot of pain and hoping for a successful vaginal delivery.

With Dr. Bronstein's help, I had the quickest, smoothest, and most amazing birth of our 2 boys. Once our boys were born, we realized that one of them was suffering from torticollis. Not knowing much about this condition I contacted Dr Bronstein immediately. With his diligence and willingness to perfect, we now have a happy and healthy 8 month old baby who did not require any "other" medical attention.

Our 6 year old daughter has dealt with numerous urinary tract and gastrointestinal problems for her entire life. She has worked with Dr Bronstein regarding all of the symptoms she was experiencing. The plan he sought out for her has been incredible and we have seen our child change right in front of our eyes. The multiple medications she was on daily, are now thrown away. Her confidence and attitude have both changed immensely and we are forever thankful!

Along with our children, Dr Bronstein continues to work with us parents. He has found the root of spinal issues that we had developed as children due to injuries that took place long ago. We never knew how good we could actually feel until joining the patients of the Beacon Clinic!

Emily C.

Our experience at the Beacon Clinic has not just been about Chiropractic care, but also about our whole sense of health. We've gone from treating the symptoms of our problems to treating the cause and even eliminating them.

I started seeing Dr. Bronstein late in my second pregnancy, complaing of the usual aches and pains and fearful of another difficult birth. I truly believe that because of the care I received I had an amazing birth and a very quick recovery.

I've also seen improvement in my daughters, from helping minor balance issues and digestive problems to fixing a latching problem and minimizing the effects of teething. The girls look forward to seeing Dr. B and I love knowing they're benefiting from chiropractic care in so many ways. Because of our time with Dr. Bronstein and the whole staff at the Beacon Clinic, our quality of life has definitely improved! We are forever grateful!

Laureen W.

Dr. B has been taking care of myself and my grandson for many years and I'm assured that we're in the best hands we could possibly be in. He's made such an impression on Jaiden that we now have a practicing three yr old chiropractor in the family and get "adjusted" often :). I was sure I was getting sciatica a few months ago and he said "no, you're not" did a quick adjustment and, boom...gone. I feel very grateful to have such a passionate guy on our side!