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February 14, 2017
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KC 11: Why Children NEED Chiropractic With Dr Liz Anderson-Peacock

The KiddoCast for Chiropractic Families

Episode 11: Dr Liz Anderson-Peacock – 

This week Dr Liz and I talk about why parents just like you bring their children to chiropractors, what they should expect, “big picture” definitions of health in an evolving healthcare economy and why parents should care.

Biography: Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock BSc., D.C. Considered insightful and energetic, Liz is in awe of the human spirit. A spirited chiropractor, author, speaker and world traveler, she is best known in her profession for teaching in pediatrics and the “to do” of best practice. A pragmatic idealist, her teaching is relevant and asks us to seek excellence. A cum laude grad of CMCC, she has an extensive background including a multi-decade chiropractic practice that has been used as a template for numerous other doctors for style, service and best practices. Her children now run that practice while Dr. Liz explores a change with a small boutique practice focusing on children and pregnancy only through referral of colleagues. Dr. Liz has published in peer-reviewed journals, been appointed to academic panels, and served on regulatory boards. She has taught pediatrics at numerous chiropractic colleges, associations, and groups. The recipient of numerous awards both in her profession and outside she delivers keynotes and workshops around the globe as well as coaching high performing professionals in transformational leadership.

Dr Liz and all the amazing resources she provides for doctors and families can be found HERE.

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