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March 12, 2016
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Traumatic Birth Syndrome

Last month I talked to you about the fact that is it crucial for children to be checked for Subluxations – much like Dental cavities. They cannot be felt, seen or tasted. And yet they disturb the function of the nervous system of your child – not a good thing! And the most common cause of subluxation in children is the process of birth! Yes. It can be very traumatic.

So let’s get into it……..

Traumatic Birth Syndrome

This is a very disturbing topic and one that is unfamiliar to most parents. Traumatic Birth Syndrome (TBS), estimated to be the sixth leading cause of infant death, is mostly under-reported and misdiagnosed. And most family physicians will have no clue, if you mention the subject.

UntitledBirth is a very normal biological process – been going on for thousands of years! It does not require “management” as a disease, yet most physicians and hospitals treat birth in the manner of a sickness – much to the alarm of parents, and especially moms, everywhere.

Both pregnancy and birth have special significance to a chiropractor like me. Here is why: Often a pregnant mom and her unborn baby are exposed to harmful routine medical procedures that are not only poorly researched but whose effects are also not well documented. Most parents simply trust their doctor and that’s it. This blind, simplistic view of birth can be life threatening to an infant.

My concern as a chiropractor, when dealing with pregnancy is the status of mom’s spine and nervous system so that she can maintain a healthy pregnancy – it is important that all neural relays and connections are working optimally. This will ensure a mom to have a wonderful, uneventful delivery (yes, please) resulting in a healthy baby.

The reason is that Vertebral Subluxations will often affect a mother’s spine causing malfunction, changing the physiology of pregnancy, and affecting the baby in-utero.

How you ask? Any interference in the function of mom’s nervous system will affect the manner in which the baby rotates, turns in the womb and positions itself, for example. It will also affect baby’s nutrition, development, and hence his/her growth. These factors can lead to what is called In-Utero Constraint.

This is a situation where, in the last trimester of pregnancy, the baby becomes “trapped” in a precarious position in the Uterus, from which it is unable to free itself – and this position can be maintained for up to 3 months! This can lead to serious consequences during birth. For example; if the baby is trapped in what is called a “transverse lie” – a horizontal position across the uterus – it will most likely be born with a considerable Scoliosis – a curvature of the spine. This may necessitate a long-term correction with me.

Or the baby is trapped with his head in extension – resting on the back of his shoulders. This may cause problems with his spinal cord, and place undue pressure and stress on areas of the spine not ready to handle such stress – and it may herald an early onset of Spinal Degeneration – Arthritis (believe it or not), among other consequences..

It is for this reason that I feel very strongly all pregnant moms should have a chiropractic check-up to help them and their babies throughout their pregnancy, delivery, and birth.

Why am I spending so much time on this subject? The answer is simple. Traumatic Birth Syndrome (TBS) accounts for 85-95% of health problems we, as chiropractors, see even in adults. Yes! This is a huge problem!


Dr Daniel Bronstein is the clinic director of Beacon Chiropractic in Grover Beach CA and specializes in the chiropractic care of children and pregnant mommas. He is Webster Technique Certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and devotes the core of practice to helping children and families live healthy lives.

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