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Your Incredible Computer Command Center

Last month we started delving into the inner workings of that incredible computer system that totally runs You! All of you. Every little tiny bit. Every cell, every tissue, and every single chemical reaction that goes on in your body! – Your Nervous system. It is tireless and it never stops!

So, let’s continue…..

Untitled1Very recent evidence points to a system that utilizes “non-synaptic    transmission” to cause an effect on body function. This research is relatively new and deals with the idea of “wave propagation” and tone.
It was discovered that messages sent by the nervous system could travel through “wave amplification” centers and affect other neighboring centers through resonance. Sounds complicated? Not really.

Imagine holding a tuning fork that’s vibrating in the proximity of one that is not. You’ll note that the vibration of one will start to affect the other. This is called resonance.  Thus, information can be also transmitted throughout the body by non-synaptic means – in waves. And to complicate matters even more, recent evidence points to something entirely different: A “chaotic construct” and individual cell neuronal synchronization – cell message centers.

Ok…..now I am getting really complicated so let’s leave that alone for the time being.

The bottom line is this: If the nervous system is allowed to function normally and transmit information from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain, with absolutely nothing interfering in this process, then you should have the best health
you’ve ever had. Period!

We simply call this normal.

But……let’s complicate matters a bit. Imagine, taking a knife and cutting the
spinal cord in half between the neck and the shoulders. I can see the look on your face already – shock! Would you feel that this would not be in your best interest? I would think so!
We’ve just severed all communication. We have caused a serious breach in contact between the brain and the rest of you.



Your brain would no longer be able to control your body. There would be no messages and absolutely no transmission telling your body what to do. Your body would stop! It would mean instant death.

Malfunction (mal·func·tionˌ malˈfəNG(k)SH(ə)n)

If on the other hand, we caused a small interference in the spinal cord – a tiny nick – making only part of your nervous system inoperative, and the rest transmitting information fairly normally; your body would then not function normally – messages would not be relayed as they should. In other words, your body would no longer be able to follow your program. It would malfunction.

Let’s look at this closer. Consider, for example, driving your brand new Lincoln. Instead of having it running on eight cylinders, as it should, it is now only running on five. The dashboard warning bells, whistles and lights are all on, there is smoke appearing in the back and at every stoplight it stalls. But generally, it is still drivable. That would be a good example of malfunction.

Your body is similar. It can still function to a degree but you would not have what we call good health. I call this survival or just simply getting by.
It is not OK.

And that is the problem – to so many of us, this seems to be the normal operating state for a human being. We even expect this state of affairs when we “get older.” And over our lifetime we surround ourselves with things we are no longer able to do.

I will continue our discussion in the next issue – stay tuned!





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