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Why I Adjust Kids aka The Gift That Keeps On Giving

IMG_0344I had the honor of spending a few hours with a chiropractic mentor of mine this past weekend at a seminar aimed at refreshing chiropractic adjusting skills. You see, chiropractic adjusting is a lot like Kung Fu. We all have venerated masters that we mirror. These doctors have imparted years of experiential wisdom upon us; some practice “Tiger-style” while others practice “Praying Mantis-style” and yet others practice “Dragon-style.” Adjusting is an art first and foremost, which takes years and years of constant practice and discipline to cultivate. The doctor I spent time with this weekend is one of these folks and I am indebted to him for his friendship and stewardship.

But I didn’t come here to talk about that…

This doctor often tells a story at his seminars and appearances that weighs heavy on me because of my clinical focus on pediatrics. When his son was in his teens, he suffered a sports-related injury that caused him to seize. As a chiropractor, this doctor checked the boy frequently and gently adjusted his spine when necessary to ensure that his nerve system, in its infinite wisdom, could clearly communicate signals from his brain to his spinal cord, nerves and organs. Sure enough, the boy was able to overcome his health challenges and grew up to become a master chiropractor himself.

This is how principled chiropractors view the world. No glass is half-empty. Healing potential is always 100% when the nerve system, the master controller of the entire human frame, is clear. But principled chiropractors are a rare breed. By some estimates, only 7-10% of the population sees any type of chiropractor and probably closer to 3-4% see a chiropractor with any regularity. When a child grows up under chiropractic care, they are healthier. Do I have a largess of clinical trials to throw at the trolls who dispute this? No, but there is some compelling research to show that chiropractic kids excel when others flounder. The incidences of common illnesses such as asthma, otitis media and ADHD are close to zero in our offices. Kids who have been checked and adjusted since birth do not have issues with colic, constipation or bed-wetting. They don’t get sick with regularity nor do they stay sick when they do contract an illness and they do not ever touch medications. Chiropractic kids are part of an elite community that bolsters, builds and cultivates its own internal health-conscious ecosystem. When I’m cranking in my office and there are four or five families waiting to be checked in my reception area, they are part of a family.  The children are connected by an energetic bond that cannot be diluted into dependent and independent variables. They are just…sympatico.

My chiropractic mentor often laments that his son rarely had the opportunity to associate with other chiropractic kids when he was young. Back in those days, chiropractic was largely viewed as unscientific, condemned by the American Medical Association as a cult, which means that even chiropractic kids often sought care with their families in secret. I adjust kids because I would rather build healthy growing humans in a healthful, congruent community than fix broken, sick and dying adults. Our children deserve more; when they’re well-adjusted they’ll have it. Giving them the opportunity of associating with other genuinely healthy, vibrant kids is a gift that I am blessed to bestow upon them.

Dr Daniel Bronstein is the director of Beacon Chiropractic in Grover Beach CA. He focuses the bulk of his practice on objective straight chiropractic care for pregnant women, infants, toddlers, children and families. For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, you may contact his office at 805.481.1566 or visit his website at www.chirobeacon.com. 


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