Meet Dr. Daniel Bronstein

Dr. Daniel Bronstein Discusses Charts

My passion lies in caring for children and families. As a chiropractor, I have performed research and written multiple articles on the chiropractic adjusting of children and have focused a core of my practice on the management of chronic birth trauma and pelvic distortion in pregnancy. I maintain an active blogging presence and regularly contribute to multiple progressive health-related news outlets.

Our mission is to help as many people
in our lifetimes as we can,
ESPECIALLY children!

“One question was always uppermost in my mind in my search for the cause of disease. I desired to know why one person was ailing and his associate, eating at the same table, working in the same shop at the same bench, was not. Why? What difference was there in the two persons that caused one to have pneumonia, catarrh, typhoid, [sic] or rheumatism, while his partner similarly situated, escaped? Why? This question had worried thousands for centuries and was answered in September, 1895.”Daniel David Palmer


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